Fire Protection System

    Grooved Couplings & Fittings Sprinkler System Components Pipe Hangers & Supports Foam Extinguishing System

    Grooved Piping System

    The groovd piping system is a mechnical joint piping system with the core of grooved coupling wihch has incomparable advantages to compare with Weld,thread and Flange.VISION piping system provide both rigid and flexible couplings witch are suitable for a various of piping system.

    Industrial Piping System

    We are specialized in piping systems not only for grooved couplings & fittings for grooved piping system but also special couplings for industrial piping system,including Shouldered & Ring Joint,VISIONLOK,VCF etc.

    Pipe Hangers & Supports

    VISION can supply FM/UL approved Pipe hangers & Supports,Attachment & Accessaries, CPVC straps,Seismic Bracing etc.which is suitable for fire protection,HVAC,Plumbing as well as miscellaneous process pipelines.